Sur-rendering to Vertical Video

Ventura, CA

Well 2022 has been another year full of revelation and being that this is my first post of the year, I might as well admit, I was reluctant to write this.

But here we are....

I was always against vertical video, even to the point of criticizing everyone around me for shooting video with their phones vertically. I'm sure that this isn't a big deal to you and I look like some kinda old timer sitting on the porch yelling at the kids in the street, but we just weren't meant to look at life vertically. Our eyes are horizontally opposed so we view life that way, we watch cinema horizontally, landscapes are enjoyed that way too. Ok, so I got that out of the way...yeah I am here to submit and embrace that vertical video will be here for ever. 

This surrender came at the point where I was contacted by Adobe Stock to help curate a load of animations for their new Adobe CCX platform that gives mobile and social media creators easy access to vertically formatted videos and graphics. 

At first, this seemed weird, but when you find stock for your vertically formatted content, it really starts to make sense. Especially when you see the content in a 9:16 formats versus turning your head sideways looking at 16:9 video.

I think this will be a trendsetting move by Adobe and the other outlets will follow shortly after. Kudos, to Adobe for leading the way and listening to their end-user customers. 

Mad shout to Tom Spota & Jorge Mazzini at Adobe for inviting us to create some cool content for this cool new platform!

Check out my collection of Vertical Video Backgrounds on Adobe Stock.

swatch+soda Vertical Video Collection @ Adobe Stock