NBC's The Voice Season 20 Screen Designs by swatch+soda

Los Angeles, CA

Can't believe we just finished the 20th season of The Voice. Such a blessing to be apart of this phenomenon and the team that's helped make the show what it is today. 

With the shorter spring seasons on this show, it's a mad dash in the live episodes for 3 weeks...an intense 3 weeks I might add. However, this season in particular was special in that the "Screens Team" had a new producer this season. Mark Stepp of Uppercut Media stepped (pardon the pun) in to fill the spot of our longtime producer, Ron Andreassen, who recently retired from the show. But Mark is no stranger to us, as we've worked with him on many projects like the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies and Lexus corporate shows. And as expected, he took the reigns and was able to steer this ship to another successful season. We hope to have Mark on board for many seasons to come!

Something else that was new for me this season was the integration of Maxon's Cinema 4D into the production workflow. I had attempted to do this 10 years ago but just couldn't do it, because of the slow render times and our tight deadlines. This time however, there was a game changer in play... REDSHIFT. A 3rd party renderer that uses the AMD graphics cards in our Mac Pros, which cuts render times drasitcally. For me, it was the only way I could use C4D, as I have used Element 3D in After Effects for years, for its speed, but was limited in what I could do compared to C4D. Not to mention, C4D is VERY stable and almost never crashes. We're definitely looking forward to using this powerful tool much more in the future.

Enough babbling from me, here is a sizzle reel and some screenshots from Season 20's performance screen designs by yours truly...God bless.